NEW products and promotions

New for January 2018

Daily cutoff time extended to 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific.  What does this mean to you?  Rush orders with files passing pre-production checks in by Monday, go by UPS and are scheduled for delivery by Thursday with free air shipping.  For most international ship-to addresses outside the continental US (ex: Canada, UK, Europe, Australia), your displays are scheduled for delivery by UPS by Friday.


New for October 2017

Free shipping trade show displays and banners

FREE SHIPPING on ALL package deals, ALL popup displays, EZ-Zip displays, EZ-Block, Tents, Awe Banners.  

Just about everything except for Accessories, Tabletop/Tablecloth, Hanging Banners, and Flags has free shipping.  Please see the Free Shipping page for details.  Customers in Canada and other countries, please see International Shipping.

NEW! EZ-MySize:  Custom-Sized Displays.  Use our EZ-MySize online cost calculator.

Order now and get 15% DURING THE MONTH OF OCTOBER

Custom trade show booth

Introducing EZ-Stage:  Custom sized 3-dimensional stage signage.  Please use the EZ-Stage online cost calculator.  4-business day production turnaround.

3 dimensional custom signage

New for September 2017

EZ-Block line control barrier modular displays

Modular -- Interchangeable panels -- EZ-Zip compatible

At about 3 feet high (35"), use EZ-Block for line control or to block off an area. EZ-Block displays can be connected to extend the width covered, and can be connected at 90 or 270 degrees. To connect EZ-Block displays, simply order an EZ-Connect connector foot. To connect 2 displays, order 1 connector foot. To connect 3 displays, order 2 connector feet.

EZ-Block can be creatively connected with EZ-Zip straight displays.

New EZ-Connect connector feet:

EZ-Connect modular tension fabric display foot

Connect ALL sizes and ALL heights of straight EZ-Zip displays and all EZ-Block displays to extended widths or to enclose your space.  

It just works! No need to buy a new display, and No tools needed.

EZ-Connect feet connects 2 EZ-Zip displays in either a straight configuration, extending the width covered by your displays, or in a 90 degree configuration, enclosing a space.  You also can connect at 270 degrees to block off a space.

Works with all EZ-Zip straight displays (8' wide, 10' wide, 20' wide, and EZ-block 39" wide and 78" wide) displays ordered after September 1, 2017.


Free trade show display lights promotion

FREE LED display lights with EZ-Zip promotion, two weeks 9/12 - 9/30/17 ONLY!

Two (2) FREE 12 W (156 bulb) EZ-Zip LED display lights with purchase of any:

Four (4) FREE 12 W (156 bulb) EZ-Zip LED display lights with purchase of any:


Trade show displays fulfillment service


trade show displays faster turnaround

New faster turnaround and shipping times.
1-2 business day turnaround.  Please see the online delivery calculator on the Turnaround & Shipping time page.


New for August 2017

Trade Show Package Deal #2 AIRLINE READY

Most compact and lightest weight trade show package. Weighs about 29 lbs (~13 kg) and fits in most 30" suitcases. An 8' main display option available upon request. 

Trade show package perfect as checked-in luggage

New and noteworthy:

Event flags on sale All Seasons branded tents on sale

LED popup and EZ-zip lights on sale NEW! Higher power LED display lights!



New for July 2017

Say goodbye to over-size and over-weight fees.  

By customer demand, we have redesigned our EZ-Zip tension fabric displays to be AIRLINE READY.  The entire series of EZ-zip displays from 8’ wide to 20’ wide, in straight, curved and serpentine configurations have been designed lighter and with tube lengths which fit in most standard 30” or 32” suitcases.  Exhibitors can take the entire booth by car or plane, roll-in and roll-out.


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