Hanging Banners

GINORMOUS hanging banners hang from the trade floor ceiling and announce your presence and location to the entire trade show audience. The list of hanging banners is at the bottom of this page.

Customers have hung banners high closer to the ceiling for maximum visibility, or lower around 10' off the ground to "enclose" or mark off their space. 

After getting the complete banner, for future shows you can order a replacement graphic to re-skin the framework, re-using your hardware.

Quick assembly and hanging from the ceiling (done by your event organizer)
Snap-together 2" aluminum tube frame and a replaceable zippered slip-on graphic print.

How to assemble hanging banners

The hanging banners price list is at the bottom of this page, please scroll down.
* After choosing your shape, width and print height, please email us for the blank template and payment link.
* Allow 6 business days for turnaround for all hanging banners, or 2 weeks (10 business days M-F) for production and shipping time combined.


The most popular shapes are Circular, Square and Rectangular.
Available in 8 different shapes. 
List of hanging banners

Hanging banner price list
Double-sided available:
The single-sided's inside is a white fabric liner.  You can change this to a printed inside fabric by choosing to make the hanging banner double-sided.  The additional cost for double-sided printing is 40% additional.

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