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The Best Selling full custom graphics pop-up.

The Brilliant Fabric Popup display series are the longest running customer favorite. List reasons for choosing this display to do a straight fabric display. The list of Brilliant Fabric Popup products is at the bottom of this page.

Thick "wall" feeling, available in 5', 7.5', 10', 15', 20', 30', and 40' widths, at standard height and super-tall heights.

* Gigantic single-sheet stretch fabric graphic print for a contiguous presentation
* Available in sizes up to 5 feet through 40 feet Wide by 10 feet High
* Metal hooks, not plastic hooks. Don't risk your job or company's reputation with a broken frame on-site.
* About 1 foot thick when installed

Quality frame with rugged metal hooks

* Side coverage. Includes graphic print area that covers the sides (endcaps) vs. no endcaps

Graphic print covers the frame sides

Our full-graphics Fabric Pop-up Display is the best pop-up, and it’s easy to see why.  Your corporate identity and message are custom printed on an impressive high luminance fabric display that forms the backdrop of your booth.  Your image is professional and eye-catching, yet doesn’t cost you a fortune to buy.  Our fabric popup is easy to transport and assembles in less than 5 minutes.  

Why is a full color graphical backdrop important?   We all know which booths customers inadvertently skip: those that backdrop with the tradeshow provided monotone drapery and those with stick-on sheets of paper on a dull single-color velcro wall. 

Some of our customers love these so much that they buy two or more, sending them to different concurrent tradeshows, or customizing the message to the different tradeshow audiences.


Please order the 8' and 10' Brilliant Fabric Popup Display at the bottom of this page.
For all other sizes, please email for a payment link.
Sizes are listed based on your booth width.
Fabric popup catalog
All displays are complete, and include all the hardware and all the printing.
All Brilliant Fabric popup displays can be made double-sided at order-time at an additional cost, adding a printed graphic print to cover the back-side.
8’ Fabric popup display $529
10’ Fabric popup display $549
15’ Fabric popup display $799
20’ Fabric popup display $999
30’ Fabric popup display $1228
40’ Fabric popup display $1638
Super-tall 10' high x 10’ Fabric popup display $699
Super-tall 10' high x 15’ Fabric popup display $1049
Super-tall 10' high x 20’ Fabric popup display $1499
Tabletop 5’Wx2.5’H Fabric popup display $259
Tabletop 5’Wx5’H Fabric popup display $309
Tabletop 7.5’Wx5’H Fabric popup display $359
5’Wx7.5’H Fabric popup display $429
For sizes not displayed below, please email for a payment link.

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Brilliant 10 foot fabric popup display with endcaps

The world's best portable display. The Brilliant fabric popup display with end caps is perfect as an eye-catching professional backdrop for standard 10 foot trade booths. A sturdy duffel carry bag is included. Quick setup! 
Product Details

Brilliant 8 foot fabric popup display with endcaps

For applications where 10 feet of width is not available, choose this 8 ft brilliant fabric full-color pop-up display with end caps. High quality manufacturing using durable high brightness fabric ensures a professional image every time. Duffel included. 
Product Details

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