EZ-Stage custom-sized 3D

3 dimensional custom signage

EZ-Stage enables you to create custom sized 3-dimensional stage signage.  Each EZ-Stage display frame is custom-made to your size, and then wrapped with a custom sized and custom printed dye-sublimated fabric with zipper closure. The fabric covers all sides of the frame, making it perfect for on-stage placement during product announcements or press conferences.

Please use the cost calculator below. 

EZ-Stage custom 3D display cost calculator

Cost :
Includes the custom-sized hardware, custom zippered print, and free shipping

Q: How long does it take?

A: We're fast.  Production (turnaround) time is currently 4 business days, followed by shipping.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Cost is calculated in proportion to the size of the display.  All figures are in inches.

 4x (Height + Width + Depth) x $0.99 x 0.5    Please note that the minimum cost for this line is $200.  
 2x ((Height x Width) + (Height x Depth) + (Width x Depth)) x $0.034 

Free air shipping.  All displays include your custom-sized snap-together aluminum tube framework and zippered custom graphic print that covers the entire frame.


Example: Custom-sized 2.5 feet (30") high x 6.5 feet (78") wide x 1 foot (12") deep

 4x (30 + 78 + 12) x $0.99 x 0.5 + 2x ((30 x 78) + (30 x 12) + (78 x 12)) x 0.034 =  
 $237.60 + $247.25 =  
 $484.85  Free shipping 


Q:  How do I order?

A:  Please email with the quantities and dimensions of the displays you want to make.  


Q: Any other details?


All 6 sides are covered by fabric.  There are no feet.  Do not drag.  Wear and tear of the fabric over time is normal and expected.  Dye-sublimated stretch fabric is made from a medium-weight knitted polyester with zipper closure.

Minimum and maximum sizes:  The minimum height is 3 ft.  The minimum width is 3 ft.  The minimum dept is 1 ft.  The maximum height is 10 ft, and please note that if it exceeds 8 ft in height, the fabric will be made from two sheets of material sewn together horizontally.  There is no maximum width (ex: 40 feet wide is OK). 

Dimension details: The final display will be within +/-  3/8" of the size ordered, or within +/- 0.8% of the linear dimension, whichever is larger.


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